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How do I use Low 2?

When you download the app a how to screen will guide you through the app. You can also view more detailed training instructions in the ‘Training’ section of the app.

Why can’t I do more than 8 rounds of a CO2/O2 table?

It is recommended by health professionals that when training tables that you perform no more than 8 rounds of each. It isn’t proven that performing more rounds has enough of a benefit to outweigh the risks and you’ll get better improvements by performing regular training within the safety recommendations.

What safety precautions should I take?

You can perform dry apnea training own your own as long as you take into account hard and sharp objects around you. NEVER perform any water training by yourself. Tragic accidents can happen without you even pushing yourself so make sure you always have a buddy for all water training.

Where can I find more information about freediving?

You can go to a local freedive club – there are lots of them on Facebook for most locations. There is also more information including useful YouTube videos in the training section of this website.

How long is the app free for?

Apple requires Australian developers to be GST registered so until I sort that out, the app is available for free!

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