Low 2 is for anyone who freedives, surfs, swims or spends time near the water and wants to feel safer, enjoy themselves more and be confident they can handle any water situation.

Leaning to control your breathing also has a host of other benefits including calming your parasympathetic nervous system, reducing cortisol levels and improving sleep. You can use this app just to measure and compare your breath holding over time, to train your body to perform better in low oxygen situations and to learn more about the techniques and training to maximise your time underwater on one breath.

For Free Divers

Increase your time underwater, the depth you can dive and the oceans you will explore.

For Surfers

Being held down for just 3 seconds can feel like a lifetime. Learn how to control your oxygen use during stressful moments.

For Life

The principles behind controlling your breathing can help you relax, control your stress and increase your general performance.

Low 2 App Features

Max Breath Hold Timing

If you’re a complete new-comer to freediving you can expect your max hold time to increase 100% + very rapidly as you train your mind and body. Make sure to perform max holds regularly as your improvements here will motivate you to train more.

Train for CO2 tolerance and low O2

Use automatically calculated or fully manual settings to train the two major freedive breathing tables. Allow the tables to increase in intensity and level as your breath holding progresses.

Visualise your progress over time

See how your max hold time increases as you train consistently and master your body and mind. Low 2 registers each training session so you can view your previous training blocks.


Visual, audible & tactile

Unlike other apps, Low 2 uses visual and tactile notifications for when to breath and when to hold. It also beeps a countdown breath up for each stage of a table so you can train without needing to look up at the app at all.


Auto and manual settings

Follow apnea tables scientifically calculated from your maximum breath hold time or create your own tables manually.

Full training history

All training sessions are stored on your phone so you can view the calendar with all of your training sessions on.

Coming Soon

 Watch Integration

Bringing subtle training indicators and heart rate tracking to Low 2. Sign up to be notified when this update is ready.

Heart Rate

Watch and learn how your heart rate is affected during breath hold training.

…and more

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